Floors and Walls

The trailers owner is an artist who loves to travel. She collects things that remind her of her travels. She wouldn’t be content having a run of the mill interior. She would have revamped it to make it her own.

I knew I wanted wood paneling, a checkerboard floor, and some fun retro inspired wallpaper.


The floors are made with cork I had gotten in the scrapbook paper aisle. I painted one side with whites and greys.  I left the other side natural (some paint bled through, but I liked the look).  I cut it into 1″ squares and started laying out my pattern.  I ended up making a subfloor out of foam core.  I glued all the floor pieces to the subfloor and let it dry under some heavy books.  No one wants a warped floor.IMG_4737 (1)

The wallpaper I chose felt retro and organic.  I created it by using photoshop and trying to piece together the repeats.  It’s not perfect, but it won’t be horribly noticeable. I printed it onto cardstock and glued it in. The bedroom area and the living room area both have the same wallpaper.

IMG_4784 (2)

The paneling was a bit harder.  I couldn’t find craft sticks long enough to fit the area I wanted paneled and I hadn’t even considered using bass wood and custom cutting it.  I ended up finding some very thin wood sheets with adhesive on the backs of them.  I stuck skinny sticks to the backs, cut them apart using a box cutter, and let them sit under a heavy book to make sure the wood adhered to the, well, wood. I sanded the edges slightly, wiped on a thin clear coat of poly, and glued them in place.  The thin wood sheet was longer than the skinny stick which made it easy to trim down to size.

IMG_4786 (2)

This picture was taken before I glued down the floor.  I get so excited sometimes I can’t wait for the next step before I take a picture. After the walls were done, I glued in the floor. I used small weights to hold the floor down to keep it from warping.

Next up will be some projects I worked on while I waited for glue and paint to dry.

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