The Journey Begins

After much research I had decided that the dollhouse I wanted, if I ever broke down and actually got one, would be the travel trailer by Corona.  32c07d5d7e84636c00da41cc2b2a6a82

It had the possibility for mid century styling and was a nice beginner size.  I had mentioned it to my husband one night before bed, but then let it go as a project for another day.  He’s really good at listening and got it for me for Mother’s Day.


I started it right away.  Trying to be careful.  I learned quickly that even with my best intentions, I’m really good at screwing things up.  I glued pieces wrong, chipped the wood while trying to sand it, and kept misplacing the pieces I needed.


I eventually got the basics worked out.  I was certain it was going to fall apart, but I guess with enough wood glue, anything will stay together.


Here it is, with a curious kitty, all glued together and ready for the fun part.


After a coat of primer.


I used corrugated scrapbooking paper as the siding.  I needed about 4 sheets.  I tried to be careful when joining pieces together.  I wanted it to look as seamless as possible, but I still have a lot to learn.  After the siding was on all 4 sides I painted it with white interior house paint.  IMG_0300

The bottom 1/2 of the siding got a few coats of aqua.  I ended up painting a yellow stripe just above the aqua as an accent.IMG_4803 (2).jpg

Sorry the pictures are so bad.  I was just using my phone to document my progress.  I’m learning using the right tool for the job is even important when taking pictures.

So I’ll stop there.  The floor, wallpaper, and wood paneling will be next.

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