Welcome to My Tiny Obsession

Hello and welcome! 

I’m Morgen and I love miniatures. Last year, 2015, was the year that I worked on my first dollhouse project. Well, projects but I’ll post about that later.

I grew up collecting miniatures. Small animals, tiny houses, glass bottles, and the ever popular Wade figurines graced the wooden shelf I always had hanging on my bedroom wall. Some of my first pieces belonged to my mom when she was a kid.

Growing up I would make dioramas. Give me an old shoebox and I’d create a fun little world. My Little Pony’s castle was well decorated. I seem to think in miniature. I worked as a florist for many years and would get teased for making arrangements too small and detailed. I may have even created a miniature funeral wreath for a rat that had died in the ceiling of our shop, but that was before the days of Instagram and blogging so there isn’t any proof. 

Years have gone by and thoughts of having my own dollhouse have always lingered in the dark corners of my mind. I’ve never taken the leap. I’ve always been content thinking, “one day”.  That’s until early last year. I read a blog post on Retro Renovation about building a mid century dollhouse and furnishing it on a budget. A fire was lit. I must have talked about it a lot, because My husband gave me my first dollhouse for Mothers Day. A few months later I got my second…

And so began another tiny obsession. 

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