Tonight’s Project

I’ve decided to give you a little peak into my current miniature project. I’m working on a 1:48, I think, sized art museum. It’s for the Undersized Urbanite Contest. 

I wanted to create a miniature scene using only what I already had. As I dug through my stash I came across some miniature frames. I had bought them in a big lot of dollhouse furniture at a thrift store. 

Then I remembered some tiny little people I had bought for a project a few years ago…ok, 6 years ago, but who’s counting. And that’s when it hit me- a tiny art museum. 

After much thought I decided I wanted to use art my kids have done as the pieces of art on display. 

I took pictures or scanned the art. I used photoshop to resize them to match the frames and then printed them onto canvas paper. The inks started to run and smear a bit. I used acrylic paint and sharpened up the art, adding in the detail that was lost in printing it on the canvas paper.

This one was the hardest since it was a water color. I think it will be ok. Next time I will try it on watercolor paper. However, all I had was the canvas paper and since I didn’t want to spend any money this will have to do.

This one was done with oil pastels. It had the most detail lost on printing, but was pretty easy to add back in. 


And this one had lots of texture for the flowers, so I tried to glob on paint for texture. It turned out well also. 

So, that’s what I’m working on tonight. Now to be patient and let them dry before I try framing them. I’m notorious for messing up projects during the last step because I was too impatient. 

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