My second favorite pastime, after miniatures, is thrifting. In fact it’s also my day job. I spend a few days a week shopping for good deals. I bring them home and clean them up. Then they are put into my booth at a local antique mall where , hopefully, they sell.

  While I’m out I keep my eyes open for minis, things I can use in projects, and inspiration for future projects. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do the HSB Creatin Contest this year, but I’ve bought a few things just in case I do. 
These things may or may not get used. They work like a touchable mood board: natural fibers, brass, wood tones, rock, and pops of color. 

I pick them up with a specific use in mind. My last project evolved quite a bit during the construction, so some of the inspiration pieces were replaced with ones that better fit the final look.

It’s ok if they don’t end up getting used. I’ve only spent about $5 on all of it, $3 of which was for the little brass urn. I know I’ll end up using them somewhere. I’ll save bigger purchases for when I actually commit to the Backyard Bungalow, until then it’s just gathering inspiration. 

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