What a Surprise

I know I had mentioned showing you the furniture that I made for the travel trailer.  I’ve decided that I’m going to remake one, if not both pieces.  I haven’t been happy with how the stain turned out.  I’ll remake them and document the process, just incase anyone else wants to make some mid century inspired furniture.

The main reason I’m posting today is that I received a huge surprise this week.  Last year, after starting my travel trailer, I was shopping on Miniatures.com and noticed that they host a miniature contest. When I saw the kit for the contest I knew immediately what I would turn it into, my dream flower shop (I was an event florist in a former life and still design flowers occasionally).


I hinted about it to my husband, who is a very good listener.  I ended up getting the kit for my birthday in June from my mom (I wonder how she knew what to get me).  I worked on it for hours, weeks, months, until I hit a creative block in September.  There was a problem/hurdle that I wasn’t able to figure out how to handle. At the beginning of November I realized that the due date of December 16th was getting uncomfortably close and I still had a lot to do.  Well, with a lot of hard work I got my entry in a whole day early.

I had to send in 4 pictures that captured my little flower shop.  That might have been harder than building it. These were the ones I chose:

picture 1a

I named my flower shop Butterfly Flowers.

picture 4

picture 2

picture 3

I agonized about which pictures to choose.  I second guess everything I do. After waiting 6 or so weeks, I found out this week that I won a First Time Entry Prize! So exciting! Such an honor! Check out the other First Time winners here. There are some amazingly talented people out there in the mini world. That just means that I have to work extra hard when I work on my build for 2016.

I’ll post more detail shots of the flower shop in other posts.  I ended up taking over 140 pictures, but managed to narrow it down to about 40.

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