The Front

Click on any of the pictures to see them larger.

The front of the flower shop was designed to look like European flower shops. I wanted a bright open store front with lots of plants and flowers.

All of the flowers were made from flower kits or made by me.  I really liked using the flower kits from Mary Kinloch and The Miniature Garden.  The pictures on the walls are pictures of flowers that I have designed.

front detail 2front detail 13a

The plants (not orchids, those were made using a Mary Kinloch kit) were either bought or made.  I had found an aquarium plant at a thrift store for $.50.  The tera cotta pots were both bought online and found at thrift stores. The furniture in the front of the shop was also bought at thrift stores.  I painted it, aged it, waxed it to make it more uniform.

I made the vintage sap buckets from card stock. The votive candles were made out of pieces of mechanical pencils, a little air dry clay, and thin wire painted black. The door handles was made with a bamboo skewer, silver crimper beads, and silver nail polish.

The urn was a shiny gold party favor I picked up at The Dollar Tree. I printed the wallpaper. The little white bird is a miniature I’ve had since I was a kid.

The white vase is actually a bead that I picked up at, you guessed it, a thrift store.  I made all of the ribbon spools, the rolls of cellophane and butchers paper, and the wood rack that’s holding all of it.

It’s so hard capturing all of the details and having them translate well into pictures. I’ll post pictures of the sides of the shop next.


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