The Sides

I imagined the right side of the building was next to an abandoned lot.  There is a ladder to get to the roof, rocks and over grown plants, and a local artist’s street art.

bee side 1a


The vine was made from a small grapevine wreath that was soaked in water and straightened out.  The leaves were punched from paper and painted. The flowers were bought at a thrift store.  I used heat to make some of them curl in on themselves, to look more like buds.  I then painted them.

door side 1a

The left side of the building is the alley, where the deliveries are made.

door side 4

All the bricks on the building are cut from thin cork that I found in the scrapbooking area of the craft store.  The mortar is stucco thinned down with water.  The faucet is from Braxton Payne.  The electric meter is made out of an eraser, pieces of a mechanical pencil, a cap for a spray bottle, and a print out of a electric meter face.  It was painted with metallic spray paint.

door side 5

The warehouse door is made out of bass wood, card stock, the heads of tiny brads from the scrapbooking department, a few pieces of broken jewelry, hinges and lots of paint.

roof 2

Corrugated scrapbooking paper was used to cover the roof. I wanted a rustic, warehouse feel, so the skylights were added to help create that. I had accidentally bought non glare plexiglass when I was putting in the windows on the front of the building.  Did you know that non-glare plexi is not clear, but almost frosted looking? Neither did I.  Turns out it worked great for the skylights.  The lead on the skylights was created using Plaid Redi-Lead Strips.

I had to create a small access panel for the battery and switch for the lights.  I need to learn how to plan my lighting and wiring better.  I made a huge mess trying to install it after everything was finished.

Up next is where the magic happens, the back of the shop.


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