The Back of the Shop

back 1a

In the back the florists are hard at work, getting ready for upcoming events.

Finished arrangements boxed up and ready to be delivered and unfinished arrangements being finished up on the table.  The boxes were made using a cardboard box. The ladder is from Shepherd Miniatures.  The work mat is a place mat cut to size and painted.

table detail 5

The table is made out of bass wood, pieces of mechanical pencils, and some tiny casters.  I used metallic spray paint with the hammered texture to paint it.


sink 4a

The sink was made with the same materials as the table. The faucet is made from the casing of a usb cable, wire, a spring from inside a pen, and the tip of a mechanical pencil. They were painted with silver nail polish and aged with black paint. The large buckets are medicine dosing cups painted and aged.  The walls inside were coated with stucco and then sanded a bit when it was dry.

The broom, bleach, spray paint, and dish soap were purchased from Shepherd Miniatures. The mop was made using thick embroidery thread, a bamboo skewer, and some wire.  There are 2 metal watering cans that were a gift from my mom. The towel was a piece of fabric glued to aluminum foil, so that I could get it to drape the way I wanted.

shelves 3a

The chalkboard helps organize all upcoming events.  The clipboards were made with thin bass wood, wire, and small pieces of silver paper. They are holding future orders, proposals for weddings, and messages.  I shrunk down the forms and documents using a tutorial from Otterine’s Miniatures.

shelves 2

The shelves under the chalkboard are a little wonky. They were a last minute solution to a problem I was struggling with.  They are built using bass wood and dowels.  The items on the shelves are from all over.  The candelabra, brass bowls, terracotta pots, basktes, white bowls, and blue box are from thrift stores. The blue box is actually a pill box that I cut apart and  sanded. The books were also from thrift shops, but I changed the covers to be floral design themed. The clear compote bowls and little clear bowls were purchased on eBay. Three of the colored vases are actually beads I had bought about 7 years ago on a trip to Zion National Park. The glass jars, vases, and wood disc are from Michaels Crafts. The candles are all made from mechanical pencil parts. The big yellow vase on the floor was one I’ve had for years.

I know I’m forgetting something.  It was so much fun learning new techniques and pushing myself to do new things.  I’ll get back on track soon with more updates on the travel trailer and plans for the HBS Creatin Contest 2016.

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