Little Pieces of Art

My Undersized Urbanite submission is done.

whole 1

It’s a little art museum. My goal for this project was to not spend money.  The idea came to me when I found the mini frames and little people in my stash of “I bought this for a project, but never started it” supplies. The shadow box is from Ikea that was bought over 4 years ago.

man 2
Each piece of art is a reproduction of art that each of my children have done.  I scanned each piece and then printed it onto canvas paper. Turns out canvas paper doesn’t absorb the ink properly. It runs and takes a long time to dry.

couple 1

Paint was used to touch up the art and help the details pop again.

woman 1

woman 2

The little bench is a vintage bingo number and a slice of a cork. They were glued together and painted white.

whole 2

The little people were hard to paint until I started using the magnifying glasses I had gotten for Christmas. Also, not breathing helped.


My goal was to not spend any money.  I failed though.  I ended up spending $.94.  The floors were made from a wall hanging that is made up of small wood pieces (.69 at Goodwill). The frame around the outside was made from a frame that I cut down to size (.25 at a thrift store).  Everything else I already had.

museum 5

The recessed lights are framed by plastic mollies that are usually used in drywall to hold screws in place. The wall is made out of a piece from the back of a frame.

whole 3

It was a lot of fun to put together. I liked having the restrictions I set up for myself. A little extra challenge to stretch a little.

The only thing I didn’t think through all the way was how hard it would be to get pictures without glare. Oh, well, I’m happy with the final result.

4 thoughts on “Little Pieces of Art

  1. This is awesome! I was like “what artist is this? some kind of tropical post impressionist? Gauguin?” and I read it was your kids’ art and I was like “THIS IS AWESOME”

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