I come up with crazy ideas. Trying to think outside of the box to come up with solutions to my “little” problems. Most of my solutions end in ashes. They crashed and burned. However, some take me by surprise and succeed. 

This shield is one of those projects. Earlier this week it was a wet wooden disk sandwiched between 2 spoons and wrapped with about 14′ of twine. After it was dry I unwrapped it and used my Dremel to sand it and shape it a little. I used mod podge and crepe paper streamer paper to create the texture, glued little cuts of waxed string to create the stitching down the center, and then painted it. It turned out better than I expected. 

After spring break is over I’ll start working on the actual build. Until then, it will be more little projects that can be done with stolen moments. 

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