Floors: Part 2

The floors are mostly done. The sides need to be trimmed and I’ll coat the inside with something to seal the banana bark. It seems to like to splinter and peal, so I want to protect them from what I’ll be doing to the rest of the build. 

Of course there is the mandatory post completed step play session. It helps me visualize the space better. For instance the full bed takes up more space than I expected (which is fine since I’ll be making a twin bed). 

Clearly, just a bed isn’t quite enough: the bed from the trailer, the blanket is a vintage tie that is just wrapped around the bed,  a few random rugs, a clock charm, and an old pottery jug that belonged to my mom.

I’m pretty sure the floor in the flower shop took 3x’s longer, but it’s a bigger floor and I probably used about 5 million skinny sticks. I’ll be working with fabrics soon. Some fabrics I’ll need to make stiffer, others softer, and some will need to look worn and well loved. 

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