So Far

I haven’t given an update in a while. Since the plan is to enter the Creatin’ Contest again this year, I’ve been battling with the question: “how much do I share?”. The build has gotten to the point where it’s getting harder to hide where I’m going with it. Do I share more and live with the fear that someone will steal my ideas? Do I try to keep it all more secret and have a big reveal at the end?

After thinking about it this weekend, I realized that I’m honestly really not worried about anyone stealing my ideas. I choose to see it as inspiration. If someone has an “a-ha” moment seeing my work, then I’m happy to have helped. I’ve made the decision that I’ll be posting most of what I’m creating, but I’ll save some of the creations for the final reveal in December. Who doesn’t love a big reveal? Basically, you’ll get to see the big picture/general idea and it will all come into focus in the end. I hope.

Now that the rambling is over, here is what I’ve been working on these past few weeks.

so far 3

Clearly, it’s not a house. It’s a wall tent. I’ve been sewing panel after panel of tent siding and am only about 1/2 way done with the sewing. The horizontal support poles were glued on today. The rest of the logs are just up to give the general idea of what it’s going to look like. I love to see how things are progressing. It lets me know that things are working properly.

so far 2

The lantern was originally non-functioning. I’ll have to do a post on how I made it light up. It’s pretty simple, if you have a drill with a small drill bit. The flowers were also a project I worked on today. Tiny flowers are so fiddly.

So, that’s where I’m at so far. You probably have a pretty good idea about where I’m going with everything. I’m excited about the details, scared about the furniture I’m planning on building, and still have a very long way to go.

4 thoughts on “So Far

  1. I had to look that movie up, I’d never heard of it before. Thank you. I learned that the movie is loosely based on a photographer named Ylla. Turns out in college I had bought a postcard that featured a picture of a cat that she had taken. I still have it somewhere. So in a weird way, it’s all come full circle. I love learning new things!


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