The Book Trunk


My wall tent belongs to an explorer. She wants to learn more about the world around her. She’s been traveling the world, collecting knowledge. I’ve decided her furniture needs to her need for sturdy furniture that can travel well. Campaign furniture, originally designed for military campaigns, is specifically made to break down and fold so that it can be packed up and taken on the move. To ease my way into building furniture, I decided to start by making a pair of book trunks, that when open create book shelves.

I found examples online of designs that I liked and using the measurements created a quick list of pieces of wood that would be needed. I used bass wood and glued a thin venire to the outside (oddly enough, they were sheets of venire that I found in the scrapbooking aisle at the craft store). After some sanding, I stained them with a walnut stain marker and painted the inside. I went with blue paint on the inside. I was worried that there was going be too much brown if I stained them.


I wasn’t happy with finish on the outside.


It was spotty and not as warm and rich as I would have liked it to be. Paint seemed like the best option to create what I wanted.


My color pallet.


I started with a light coat of the darkest brown color.


After, I dry brushed black around the edges, but I wasn’t getting the variation I wanted. Using a tiny bit of yellow and light brown I created highlights and streaks.


Then, while the paint is still wet I feathered in little bits of black and dark brown. Sadly, the pictures don’t really show the variations in the paint well.


The trunk needed details on the outside. I decided brass corner strapping would work. I made it using black card stock and rub’n buff.



I cut the paper into strips the size of the straps and folded them in half.


They were glued on, but needed more detail.


I made divots with a tiny ball stylus tool and using a micro tip marker filled them.


I glued the 2 halves together. As much as I wanted to make it completely functional, I couldn’t find hinges that didn’t look too big. The hinges and locks were also made from the paper. The details were put in with the ball stylus and marker.


I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. I’m planning on making one more book trunk, but with a different design. I also need to make more books, lots and lots of books.

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