Quick Update

Hope everyone is having a lovely first weekend of fall. Here in Florida the best ways to know it’s fall is 1) the days start getting shorter and 2) the humidity isn’t as bad as it was during the summer.

The table is done. That’s all I did this weekend. I never tell anyone what I really did over the weekends, because I’m sure people really wouldn’t understand. 

“I spent the better part of 2 days making a miniature lantern light up and then carving a piece of wood to make a 1:12 scale table for the lantern to sit on.” Yeah, I’m  totally normal. 

It’s a bit more rough than I had originally planned. Turns out I’m very impatient when it comes to carving pieces of wooden closet dowel rod. My Dremel was a big help. I’m not sure it would have gotten done without it. All of the wiring and battery are inside of it. 

Now to get back to landscaping. 

So much landscaping. 

Bad Pictures

I’ve been using my high tech cell phone camera to capture progress  updates this past week. Technically, it’s a better quality camera than the first digital camera I ever owned, however the pictures still aren’t great. I figured an update didn’t need to be magazine worthy.

Landscaping started this week. I’ve decided it’s about the same as planting an entire yard, one blade of grass at a time, with tweezers. The tall grasses are made from decorative straw brooms. The other ingredients of the landscape include sheet moss, little rocks, very old potpourri, and some tiny dried flowers. 

Next up: I have a tiny miniature Coleman lantern like the one pictured above. Since I took it apart and drilled a hole through it, it’s probably a super rare, one of a kind antique and it’s worth millions of dollars. Please don’t tell me if it is. I’d rather not know.

I wanted it to light up. I took it apart, drilled a hole for the wires, cleaned up the rouge glue and paint, “frosted” the inside of the hurricane, gave it a fresh coat of paint, then added some grunge to it, and finally glued everything back in place. I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out. You can’t see the details very well, because of the bad pictures, but I’m sure you get the idea. 

Next, where do I hide the battery and switch? Why be conventional? I’ll make a fun stump side table, hollow it out and hide the wires in there. Easy, peasy. 

I should’ve learn by now that nothing is easy peasy with me. After some googling I decided that this table needed to be something that has been collected on my adventurer’s journey. I decided on trying to make a table inspired by tables carved from one large slice of log. I’m starting with one small slice of closet dowel rod. Pretty much the same thing. 

The carving part is going to take forever. One day I’ll learn to just take the easy path.  Oh, you can also see in this picture, the support beams and lashing have finally been installed. It was one of those things that was causing me anxiety because how I thought it should work wasn’t working. Turns out I was overthinking it. It went together quite simply with a little patience and glue. 

There will be plenty of room for the battery inside the table. And the button will be easily accessible. My main lesson on last years build was to not wait until the last minute to add the lighting. Guess who still doesn’t know where she wants to put lights (except for this light, I know where it’s going)? I have at least 2 other lights (I’ll need more though) that I’m still trying to figure out where they are going. This year, to accommodate my poor wire hiding planning, I think I’ll try hiding the batteries and wires inside or behind furniture. Maybe one of these years I’ll be able to plan ahead and wire accordingly. Then again, why be predictable.

And the Kitchen Sink

That’s what this update is going to be…everything AND the kitchen sink. I can’t believe that it has been over a month since my last post. If I keep this up there will only be 3 more posts before the Creatin’ Contest deadline. Eeep! I’ll try my best to have more posts before December. This time of year starts to transition into warp speed and before you know it we’ll be wishing each other a Happy Valentine’s Day.

So, lets see… what’s happened this past month? I kept thinking that I hadn’t done much mini wise, but it turns out I have gotten a lot done. It’s mostly details and accessories. That’s my favorite part.


First, I finally have my own work space. It looks like a mess, but it’s wonderful. I spent a full 2 days at this table after it was delivered. I’m sharing the office space with my husband (his idea). I was able to condense all of my dollhouse/mini supplies into one space that I don’t have to clean up when we want to eat. Yay!


For the tent, I made a work table. It’s a made with a piece of walnut I found at our local dollhouse store, tiny dowels, and toothpicks. The legs are painted with silver nail polish to try and get a metal look. It’s not done. There are a few more details I want to add (hardware, weathering, and aging).


The work table now has some papers, notebooks, pencils, and butterflies in jars. You can see the stereo microscope I mentioned in my last post. Hard to believe its made out of a couple of those dental flosser things and a few other odds and ends. The papers, charts,  and pictures are images that I found on google. After their size was reduced, I printed them out, cut them out, and wrinkled them to make them look like they have traveled around Africa.


The butterflies are also made from pictures I found on google. They were printed out, glued together, and cut out. I used a ball stylus to give them a little bit of dimension. They were glued to small sticks from my yard and then glued into the jars. The glass containers were found in various places (miniatures.com, Michaels beads and jewelry department, and the scrapbooking area).


The butterfly net, that is hanging from the center pole, was made with a toothpick, some thick wire, and fine tulle. Fast drying super glue gel was the trick to making it work. My fingers stuck to everything, but it was worth it.



The leather satchel was finished today. I went through so many different ideas to make this thing and they all kept failing. Fabric was too stiff, too thick, too thin, wouldn’t take glue, and on and on. I gave up and wouldn’t work on this project for about 10 days. Sometimes a set back will do that to me. I need to let it roll around in my brain to come up with a solution. Today while I was working on something unrelated at my messy art desk, I noticed a material that I hadn’t considered before, masking tape. It’s backed with a single ply of paper towel, glued together, and painted. The leather straps were found at Joanne Fabrics in their jewelry making department. The masking tape has a great leather look, is nice and thin, and will hold the slouchy shape I want.

I think that’s about all I’ve gotten done. I’ll be starting on landscaping soon and finishing up the outside supports and roof. Some details on the furniture, another rug, and finishing the second butterfly chair are also on the agenda. There are¬†roughly 88 days until it needs to be done. While that seems like a long time, I can’t get too comfortable. There is Halloween (I always make the costumes for my family and we all dress up), Science Fair for my 5th grader, Thanksgiving, my 7 year olds birthday, getting ready for Christmas, all of the school/work/life commitments that pop up during these next few months in those 88 day also. Plus my “real” job, which I have sorely neglected the past few months. WooHoo!

I’ll end with some more eye candy. I was having too much fun taking pictures.




Hopefully, I’ll be back before October is over. Maybe even before September is over. Can it be possible?