Quick Update

Hope everyone is having a lovely first weekend of fall. Here in Florida the best ways to know it’s fall is 1) the days start getting shorter and 2) the humidity isn’t as bad as it was during the summer.

The table is done. That’s all I did this weekend. I never tell anyone what I really did over the weekends, because I’m sure people really wouldn’t understand. 

“I spent the better part of 2 days making a miniature lantern light up and then carving a piece of wood to make a 1:12 scale table for the lantern to sit on.” Yeah, I’m  totally normal. 

It’s a bit more rough than I had originally planned. Turns out I’m very impatient when it comes to carving pieces of wooden closet dowel rod. My Dremel was a big help. I’m not sure it would have gotten done without it. All of the wiring and battery are inside of it. 

Now to get back to landscaping. 

So much landscaping. 

8 thoughts on “Quick Update

    • Thank you. I didn’t make the lantern. It’s a small metal Coleman lantern that I took apart, drilled a hole through the base, installed a chip light, and glued it all back together. I think I had found it on eBay, but you might find one on etsy as well.

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  1. Awesome work! Did you make the lantern? I’ve been looking for one for months and this is the best true reproduction I think I’ve seen.


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