The past few days I’ve decided to work on stylizing the book trunk shelves in my tent.

After loading all the books I’ve made, 5 more books that I made while loading the already made books, and most of the other shelf items I had squirreled away, I realized I needed more stuff. At first I just thought more books. My husband suggested more artifacts and collected items. That sounded like way more fun than making more books.

Using fimo I made some little pieces of pottery, a few carved bird figurines, and some tiny pucca shells to adorn a “gourd vessel”. The little bowls and the top of the gourd vessel are acorn tops from my yard. 

I’ve been having fun researching things my little anthropologist would collect. However, this week has had a shadow looming over it. For a few days my husband has been telling me about a hurricane that’s been headed our way. Sweet little Hurricane Matthew. I was in denial, teasing my husband about wanting to buy water and non-parishable food. I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen. Well, tomorrow at 3pm the mandatory evacuation of our barrier island starts. The weather projections have it making landfall in our county. Woohoo! Thankfully my in-laws have a condo on the mainland that we can go and stay at. It will be our 3 kids, 2 large dogs, 2 cats (one of which is an outdoor cat that adopted us 3 years ago- I’m not leaving him behind), a guinea pig, and the adults in a small 2 bedroom condo. The plus side is it has awesome views to the east, so it will be fun watching the hurricane. 

I keep joking about bringing my little tent with us, but I’m sure it will be safer here than with the zoo. Anyway, not much miniaturing will get done this weekend. I guess a hurricane makes a pretty decent excuse for not getting stuff done. 

2 thoughts on “Matthew

  1. I agree with Brae, love the shell necklace. And the little bird statues are wonderful!

    Be careful… Hurricanes are… yeah, you know. We lived in Orange TX before moving to DFW and my parents are in Pensacola FL and my experience with hurricanes has not been a pleasant one. Send up a post when you’re safely home again so we all know you’re safe please.

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