Things are being crossed off my list slowly. The smaller green shelves had been put aside, waiting for some bottle blanks to arrive. 

This is what the shelves looked like the last time I shared them. I had ordered some bottle blanks in both 1:12 and 1:24th scale from Alpha Stamps and just needed to wait for them to arrive. The shelves did get a coat of teal paint. The bright green just wasn’t doing it for me.

The tiny bottles came in the mail yesterday. The labels were images I had found in google. After printing them, cutting them out and glueing them on, I gave the label a light coat of nail polish top coat. Some of the bottles are made from larger plastic wine bottles that I had picked up at a local dollhouse shop. I cut them down, sanded them to smooth out the rough edges, and then glued tops on to make them look more like bottles and jars (the orang and green bottles on the top right, the green bottle and small silver capped bottle on the middle left, and the clear bottle with the gold top on the middle right were all made from the wine bottles). 

I’m calling the shelves done. They are officially crossed off the list. 

I’m working on how to hide the batteries for a couple of lights that I’ve made. One will be hid in a suitcase I’m working on right now. Another will be hid behind the shelves. That one won’t take too much fussing. The rest of the lights will be using a battery hid in the ceiling of the tent. I just have to wait for the rest of the light kits to get here.

 One thing I thought I had learned from my last build was not to wait until the end to install the lights. I guess what I really learned is that I have commitment issues with furniture and lighting. I now know where I want everything to be set up. However, at the beginning of this process I had completely different ideas. I’m glad I didn’t wire for where I thought I’d want the lights. I’d be going back and changing everything. This approach gives me more chances to practice my creative problem solving. I seem to get a chance to practice that almost daily. 

4 thoughts on “Slowly

  1. Wow! Those bottles look great! Now I want to take a look at 1:6 doll stuff and fool around with it. I agree with you on the teal. The other looked a bit too fresh and new for a trunk that’s been carted around everywhere.

    I feel your pain on the lighting. It’s the one thing that makes me crazy on every build. Though I’m finding I prefer wire to the tapewire. And the little battery operated lights are lifesavers!

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    • Thanks! I tend to look a size up and a size down when looking for stuff. Sometimes a different scale looks more accurate than 1:12. Scale messes with me so much though. I bought a kit to make a suitcase and it’s huge. So it’s now a trunk.

      I’m hooked on making my own lights, so those little nano chip battery operated lights are great. I’m too intimidated to try tape. I’ll end up screwing it up I’m sure!


  2. I think that your solution for not only repainting the interior off the trunk in a Teal and the clever way in which you have filled the shelves is BRILLIANT! Both trunks look Authentic on each and every shelf.
    I have found that some old highlighting felt pens also have the perfect shape for bottles, once the felt tip is removed and the plastic cut down however modifying over-scaled wine bottles is an Excellent idea Morgen! 😀

    And by the way, I Totally get it regarding furniture and lighting commitment issues, because I am that way too!


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