28 days…

Where has the year gone?

Twenty eight days left until this little tent has to be done.

Please excuse me while I go freak out.

Here’s a lovely, calming picture of a sunflower as a thank you for stopping by today. I’ll be chained to my craft table for the rest of the day. 

Quick Progress Update

My neighbors probably think I’m crazy. I spent a portion of the morning burning small sticks and kindling. Sitting on my front porch, holding tiny sticks with tweezers, lighting them on fire, and then placing them in a bowl to catch the ash. Totally normal neighbor behavior. The newest neighbor on the block did a double take when she drove by this morning. Im not sure explaining to her what I was doing will help any…

“Well, you see, I’m creating a dollhouse sized wall tent set in 1950’s Africa and I needed realistic looking ash and burned sticks for the fire pit. The tweezers were so I didn’t burn myself, obviously.” – see totally normal. 

Before I had even started this built I had bought the little black pot. I was planning on hanging it above the fire pit, but it doesn’t hang level. I wouldn’t want any food to spill out on the fire. I don’t like being wasteful when I camp.  I built a little over the campfire grill grate thing (technical term). Now my little adventurer can make something in the pot and something on the grill. It’s made out of thin wire, toothpicks, super glue, a few choice words, and paint. 

Obviously from reading my story above you already know that I had decided that the best way to get authentic looking ash and burned logs was to use authentic ash and burned sticks. Ash was brushed onto the rock ring and around the campfire as well. And I’m calling it done. Another item crossed off the list. Unless I decide something needs to go into the pot. 

I worked on some lighting this week too, but haven’t gotten pictures yet. I’ll take some when I’m done with that part. I also decided I needed a fourth rug for the porch area. Of course it’s the one that gave me the hardest time. Using the dremel to sand the rug caused the threads to pull through making the whole rug bunch up. Then I had to do extra trimming on the front and back to get it to flatten out. I ended up dousing it with starch and ironing it. It’s nice and flat now, it just looks extra well worn. 

After the lighting is installed, the roof goes on, decor goes in, and then I finish landscaping the open side of the tent, then I think I might be done. Crazy. 

Easter Eggs

I like to hide Easter eggs in my dollhouses. I mentioned the tiki, that represents where my husband and I got married, in a previous post. I also use butterflies and bees in my builds (my flower shop was Butterfly Flowers and there was a mural of a bee on the side). I’ll use names of family members and dates if I need numbers or names. I even used artwork my kids had made for a tiny little art gallery. They are just little ways to capture memories. 

When I was about 4, my dad was hired by the State Department. Our first tour abroad was in Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa. We lived there for about 3.5 years.

To me, our home was paradise. I could play outside all day. I would climb trees and  create forts in bushes in the yard. I’d capture grasshoppers, tadpoles, and snails to keep in jars in my room. I even remember finding what I thought were cockroach eggs and I tried hatching them. I was a weird kid. I loved the rain storms. I loved the flowers. It’s the first home I really remember. 

I decided that I needed to have a small tribute to Liberia in this tent. 

I found this mask on Pinterest. It spoke to me and it turns out it’s a mask from the Toma Tribe in Northern Liberia. Perfect.

I decided to work on it today while I waited for the glue I used for the trim wood around the base of the landscaping to dry. 

Here’s my replica. It’s made with balsa wood, toothpicks, cheesecloth, a couple of seed beads, some red thread, and a tiny bit of masking tape. The basic shapes were cut out and glued together, painted, sanded, dusted with chalk, stained, and painted some more. The fibers were glued to the mask after they were painted. The tips of the horns got a coat of clear nail polish to give them a tiny bit of shine. 

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Here they are side by side. Isn’t he cute? 

Now all of my diversion projects are done. I’m still waiting for my lighting supplies to get here, so I can’t work on any more lights (I still need to find the right drill bit though, so maybe it’s good they aren’t here yet). The only projects that leaves me with are landscaping and finishing up the trip wood around the base. Oh,  I also need to weather the canvas for the roof. 

As I get closer to done I keep getting this strange emotion that’s a combination of giddy and scared, maybe. It’s hard to explain. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling for the night. I’ll check in again soon when after I get some of my landscaping done.  

As a bonus for reading my ramblings, here’s the trunk I made to hide the battery for one of my lights. It was supposed to be a suitcase, but it just looked too big. I used fabric from an old tie, masking tape for the “leather” parts, and black card stock with gold rub’n buff for the metal accents. The base kit was purchased from Alpha Stamps