There were 2 lessons I thought I learned last year. First, don’t wait until the end to figure out where the lights are going. And second, don’t wait until the end in general. Well, it’s official, I didn’t learn either lesson. 

The lights are the easier of the 2 problems to fix. I was able to hide batteries in and behind furniture. There are 3 lights I ended up not using. I don’t think they really added anything. 

Now, the “don’t wait until the end part”, yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever learn that lesson. 

The list doesn’t look long. However, add in all of my normal “adult” responsibilities, holiday responsibilities, and my husband being out of town 2 days this week (making me sole taxi driver, chef, and game warden to my 3 kids). 

This is the state of things right now. This is the last side that needs landscaping. Not a lot more to do, it just takes a long time. It can end up feeling like your planting a lawn one blade of grass at a time. 

The rug on the front porch is secured down and I know where I want to put the chairs. If you look carefully you’ll see the black mamba who’s come for a visit. 

Everything is attached to the walls on the inside. I’m waiting until the landscaping is done before I secure down much more. I tend to make a mess when I garden. 

The list of things to do flips back and forth between feeling oppressive and not feeling likes it’s really that bad. I’m sure it will come together quickly, fingers crossed. 

11 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. I love how it looks so far. And Mr. Mamba seems to be enjoying that chair…lets hope no one sits down near him.

    I still can’t get over how great your floor looks. Just beautiful.


  2. Get crackin’ lady! This is way too awesome an idea and build for you to not finish in time! Just finish what you “have to” to take 4 great shots. You can fudge the rest in after! :O)

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  3. I LOVE this project! It is an interesting and a Unique approach utilizing the HBS house. The Black Mamba is a rather scary touch, and yet, intriguing!
    Meanwhile, I am anxious for you to get through your list since the deadline is fast approaching, however I KNOW that you’ll make it happen. 😀

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    • Thank you! I’m hoping for smooth sailing through this week, but the trouble my sewing machine gave me yesterday while I was trying to sew the roof makes me question my life choices.


      • Yeesh…sewing machines are the worst! Could always do a frayed edge instead of hemming, or glue your hems.

        You can do it! I have confidence in you. I can’t even see where you need more landscaping, it all looks so natural.

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      • Thanks! I want a bit of longer grass around the edges of the tent and along the path. It’s definitely something that can be skipped if time runs out 🙂


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