Under African Skies

Amelia met her husband while studying anthropology in New York. They dreamt of a life of adventure and travel – exploring the dark corners of the world – but he enlisted the day after Pearl Harbor. When he died, Amelia was devastated but slowly she picked herself up and in the spring of 1949 – and against her family’s wishes – Amelia packed her clothes and her determination into a steamer trunk then headed across the Atlantic.

She spent a year living in Liberia among the Toma tribe and earned their friendship as well as an ornate horned mask – a token usually only earned by tribal boys who became of age. She recruited a group of locals to trek into the Belgian Congo. During the expedition across the continent, some encounters were peaceful like when she was bestowed a handsome wooden doll and a splendid woven shield from the Zande tribe in the Congo. Other adventures were harrowing – including the day she came face-to-face with cannibals but quick-witted Amelia tamed them by sharing her expansive collection of butterfly specimens.

Her experiences strengthen her childhood convictions that every corner of the world is beautiful and worth preserving. Now, living alongside the Massai in the grasslands in Kenya, Amelia studies the flora, fauna, and people of the region. The Massai have gifted her various weapons, and a large Korhogo mud cloth painting that she hangs over her bed. In the afternoons, she writes manuscripts and textbooks about the local culture and wildlife to tell the world about the vulnerability and majesty from deep within the African continent; and the evenings, she sips tea and watches a new family of Fennec foxes play and hunt around her tent.





I have a ton of detail shots that I’ll be sharing in batches. I wish we could submit more than 4 pictures. There are so many pictures that capture the essence of the tent, but don’t show much of the detail. Oh, well. I’m proud of it.

Thank you everyone for all of your kind words and words of encouragement. It’s wonderful being part of such a supportive community. Thank you all!

15 thoughts on “Under African Skies

  1. I am thoroughly Enchanted by both your storyline and your build. For me you have completely captured the essence of someone completely immersed in their field of interest.
    The way the trunks, walls, floors, bed, tables and chairs, function both permanently and yet transitorily, further convey this Interesting story which you are telling.
    Nothing is left out.
    Everything is arranged- even disarrayed; Perfectly both inside and out, so that as soon as you look at the first shot, one feels that they are somewhere deep in the heart of Africa.
    BRAVO- and Congratulations to you on EVERY Level! 😀

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  2. Really spectacular, Morgen! I am amazed at the idea and the enchanting story line. And that you have been able to pull off such an incredibly detailed project with all of the REAL LIFE that happened for you and your family this year! Great job! I am so looking forward to the detail photos!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such and awesome build! I have absolutely enjoyed the journey and appreciate the time you take in sharing with us this art. Best of luck in the contest…and a very prosperous 2017.

    Liked by 1 person

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