So, I Caved

The kit looked so lonely waiting to be played with. I couldn’t just leave it lying there all alone. There’s no harm in just doing a dry fit. 

It’s much bigger than I was anticipating and has nice bones. I have 3 ideas circulating through my head. I need to spend some time just taking it in before I make any final decisions. I’m hoping to have my final idea flushed out by the end of the month. 

On a side note, I’ve been commissioned to make some customer furniture! My 8 year old has decided he likes stop motion animation. He’s used birthday money to buy Stickbots, downloaded a free stop motion animation app on the iPad, set up a green screen studio, and ordered some furniture for a video he wants to make. He was very specific. He wanted a black sofa, a crimson red desk, and a mug for the desk. 

Turns out he saw a similar setup in a YouTube video and wants to do something similar. I’m just excited he wanted me to make him miniature furniture. He thinks he needs a larger green screen area and I tend to agree. 

As for my to do list, I was able to get quite a bit done. Sadly, it wasn’t stuff that was on the list initially. I added it on the list so I could cross it off. And to add to the fun, this week our home became ground zero for a chest cold that won’t let go. I’m hoping tomorrow I can get a few things done and start to feel productive again.

12 thoughts on “So, I Caved

  1. It is wonderful that he has inherited his moms passion for creativity! I applaud you for supporting it! Feel better quick, and be sure to post both your project progress and his!


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