Getting Settled

It’s almost 2018. That doesn’t seem possible.

Let me get you caught up on where I am now. We sold our house and moved 1300 miles north. We spent the summer in a tiny little cottage in New Hampshire while we waited to close on our new house in Massachusetts.


Our new house is great. It’s surrounded by woods in a quiet little town. There are an abundance of little red squirrels and chipmunks. There is also a family of 3 deer that visit every once in a while.


Our kids have played outside more in the past 5 months than they did in the past 2 years living in Florida. We’ve been enjoying the novelty of snow and ice. However, I could do without the single digit temperatures.

And much to my delight I’ve started finding 4 leaf clovers again. Ever since I was a kid, I could spot one just by walking though the yard. Florida doesn’t seem to have the right type of clover.


Now that we’re mostly settled and the holidays are over, I can dig back into my miniatures. My idea for the Creatin’ Contest 2017 never made it past the planning stages. My master plan was to turn it into an orchid green house. Maybe I’ll get it up and going. I’m waiting to see what the kit is for 2018 before I make any decisions on what my next project is. I also need to make more room on my desk.


It’s hard to tell in the picture above, but I have 4 dollhouses on my art desk. I started resting a tray on the open drawer and using it as extra work space. Not the ideal way to work.

So, that’s where I’m at now. I’m looking forward to getting back into miniatures regularly.   I’m really excited for everyone who entered the Creatin’ Contest this year. There are some really beautiful builds and I wish you all luck!

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