To kill time until my next kit arrives, I’ve decided to make little vignettes. The first one I’m working on is this little desk that I painted quite a while ago.

It called for an aged rug, an orchid and a cup of tea. There will be a journal, some pencils, and something needs to go in the basket, I’m just not sure what. I’m still working on the tea to make it look right. Oh, and I had forgotten how delicate the orchids are to make. I’ve knocked each bloom off the plant at least twice. I’ve gotten a little rusty not working on tiny things for almost a year. So, hopefully these little groupings will get my skills back on track.

6 thoughts on “Playing

  1. This is a Lovely Vignette, Morgan, and there is a timeless quality to it too. The orchid is lovely and having made Only ONE in my lifetime, I am ready to admiring yours! I love the bundle of letters on top of the books and the faded color of the desk with the rug. Not only is it a nice contrast but the blue-greens in both compliment each other to a “T”.


  2. Bea-U-ti-ful finish on the desk Morgen! So lovely with the rug color, too! It must feel so good to pick right back up again and know you are meant for this! Looking forward to more!


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