When I saw the new kit for the first time, it stumped me. I want to think outside of the box. I love trying to see past whats given and create something unusual. I just couldn’t see past the cute cottage. I showed my husband and shared why I was stuck.


After a quick google search, he showed me this picture. He said the kit reminded him a bit of a hobbit house, minus being imbedded in the side of a hill. Cue angels singing.


I plan on having the house look shorter from the outside, imbedding it into the landscaping. There will be lots of timbers, stone, and brick. Not so much thatch. I’m thinking of a grass covered roof to create the idea of being in a hill.


Round doors painted fun bright colors with carved wood trim. Lots of warm lamp light.


Worn weather wood, round windows, and cracked plaster. Overgrown gardens with vines and flowers.


Right now I haven’t decided on whether or not I will keep the ceilings tall. At one point I had thought of having the ceilings be low and curved like Bag End and create a little root cellar.


Similar to this pantry that was in the movie The Hobbit.

My other thought was to keep the ceilings tall with large wood beams and maybe have a loft area that would be the bedroom. There would be steps from the front door down into the living area, creating a sunken living area feel. I’m sure as I start working on it the vision will become more clear.

It’s Here

It’s here!

It’s bigger than I anticipated. My dollhouse tables/carts were sold when we moved, so I’ll need one for this kit. Mainly because I don’t have enough room on my table, but also because our ferret has figured out how to get up on my drafting table. He ran off with my orchid from my last blog post. I still haven’t found it.

It went together really quickly during the dry fit. I’m having a bit of a block on where to start. I guess I’ll start with a place to work on it and then get a base for it to be on. I should also figure out how I plan on having it open. Leaving it with 4 walls would really help prevent ferret thefts, however, I’m kind of old school and enjoy having an open wall.

The only part of the dry fit that gave me any problems is this little part under the roof. It won’t be a problem with what I have planned. I just can’t figure out where I went wrong. I’m sure it’s something simple that I’m missing.

I’m excited to get it going. I love my plan, more about that later, and really hope I can do it justice.