Slow Moving

Getting back into the habit of minis is harder than I thought it would be. Add in 4 nor’easters, losing power for 5 days, and still trying to get settled into our house and it starts to feel impossible.

This is where I am so far. Since the structure itself is overwhelming me right now, I decided to smart small. These are all made with Crayola Model Magic and then painted with craft paint. I like it because it is an air dry clay that doesn’t seem to shrink very much.

The bread still needs some detail work. The carrot tops are laser cut ferns. The little roots on the leaks are tiny pieces of jute string. The baskets are from and the flower pot is one that I found at a thrift store many years ago.

I’m attempting cookies and onions. So far the onions look like lemons, but I have faith they’ll work out.

I’ve been turning to watercolor doodling when I feel like I’ve hit a mini wall.

Clearly, I’ve been hitting a lot of walls lately. It’s ok. I know that when the inspiration hits I’ll be able to tackle anything. Right now I just need to move slow and try to be kind to myself.

6 thoughts on “Slow Moving

  1. I hear you! Going slow is so good for creative cross training. And I can well imagine the profound weather shock and sense of dislocation from relocating from Florida to New England. It’s real! And it sounds like you know how/what to do: “move slow and try to be kind to myself”.

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  2. Hello Morgan
    Well do I know that sometimes you can’t help but hit multiple walls when it comes to mini-making, but your solutions have been ideal for you. Your doodle paintings look as though they’re spiritually relaxing and keeping those creative juices flowing. One of my sisters also relieves her stress by creative coloring, using watercolor pencils. 😀
    The assorted minis of fresh fruits and vegetables is Astounding considering that they’re made from Model Magic! The challenge with this medium (which I also love to use), is getting the fine detail in the clay as it tends towards puffiness, yet you have over-come that particular concern to Perfection! Obviously your eye for color-placement has been easily transferable when it comes to your produce because each item looks incredibly realistic as well as edible, so now I can’t wait to see how your sliced onions will turn out- so if it’s of any encouragement, I’ll say-
    Bring On More Walls! 😀


    • Yes! Puffiness! That’s what’s difficult about Model Magic. I found it easiest to stick with very basic shapes and then add the details with paint or paper.

      Thank you for all of your kind words!


  3. I love your vegetables. And there’s nothing wrong with moving slowly. As long as you’re enjoying yourself that’s just great.

    And your watercolors are lovely, bright and cheerful and somehow serene.

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  4. Creative inspiration is hard to summon at will, and often has a mind completely it’s own. That’s why the Creatin’ Contest timeline seems more like work than fun to me, unless I already have an idea for the project that I am on fire about.
    I love the new motto you have come up with while searching for your mini inspiration : “When You Hit A Wall Make Something Beautiful To Decorate It With”! The watercolors and foods look like a fun and fulfilling activity to get the juices flowing.

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  5. Hi Morgen, I’m amazed by your veggies using air dry clay. The onions do look the right shape – not like lemons at all!
    Doing miniatures is a creative endeavour and offers so many opportunities to try our hand at different crafts.
    Have fun, once Spring arrives you will be able to settle.
    Regards Janine

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