Balcony Botanicals

I’m making small steps in the creation of the facade. I’ll share pictures when I get a little bit further. For right now most of my facade progress is mental. In the mean time I’ve been working on some adornments.


The balcony seems sufficiently full. I’m not sure if that’s the railing I’ll be using. It feels too busy. I like the middle part, so I might try creating something along those lines.


I thought I’d share how I made the geraniums. The window box was made from wood glued together to create a box, then painted to look vaguely cement like.


These plastic flowers were found at Michael’s. I thought they looked like a good form for the flower base. Since they were on sale I took a chance.


The flowers were pulled off and I trimmed the base to be more even. I glued a piece of wire into the bottom of the flower.


Once the glue dried they were painted with varying shades of red.


On my last trip to Earth and Tree Miniatures I found a tiny bag of bright pink paper flower shapes. I bought them since they were inexpensive and I figured they would come in handy eventually. I used a ball stylus and some craft foam to shape the flowers.


The flowers were glued in-between the petals of the plastic flower. I didn’t worry about the paper flowers being pink and the plastic flowers being red. I applied red paint onto the pink flowers once the glue was dry.


The dirt is styrofoam painted brown. The flowers were glued in first, then I filled in with leaves.

The leaves are from Jeannetta Kendall Miniatures. I used water colors to paint them green. The purple was added with an eggplant colored tombow marker. I added a tiny bit of water to have the marker spread a little so it would look softer and more natural. They looked rough before I shaped them. I used the ball stylus again and a dental tool to create the shape. The leaves were glued onto little pieces of wire and then pushed into the “dirt”.


I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. The flowers are probably a little bit bigger than they should be, but it doesn’t bother me. I’m thinking this technique would be great in making hydrangea too. However, I have too much other stuff to do before I can try it. I’m feel like I’m so behind on the Creatin’ Contest build right now. I know it always looks worse before it starts to look better. Eek!

This weekend I’m hoping to get a good start on the 12 full and partial windows I need. We’ll see how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Balcony Botanicals

  1. I LOVE your balcony and your railing and your potted geraniums… All SO PRETTY together!
    Your clever method of constructing the flowers from the plastic ones is TERRIFIC with the red geraniums becoming ideal planting companions with the potted red roses and your variegated fern!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! If I let myself overthink it I start to wonder if I need something tall and whispy to go behind the geraniums. If I end up having “extra” time maybe I’ll make something. For now I just have to be content 😆


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