Elle Peint

Now that my build has been submitted and holidays have died down I’d like to present Elle Peint.

Creativity coursed through her veins. She wasn’t happy unless her hands were covered in paint. The way the colors swirled together on the canvas made her heart happy. The listing was for a small one bedroom a historic building Montparnasse near La Rive Gauche in Paris. When she first saw the warm summer sun stream through the windows and dance across the hardwood floor, her soul lit aflame. It was in this moment that she had found her home.





Good luck to all those who entered!

7 thoughts on “Elle Peint

  1. Not only a total Transformation here, but a Creative and Unique approach to the entire kit!
    The paintings suspended from the brass rail, and the sketches, frames and art equipment found throughout, are Absolutely FAB! A Wonderful atmosphere of quiet activity permeates every corner of this light filled room.
    The elegance of the parquet floor and grand double doors are indicative of a very Grand Old building, which has not only stood the test of time, but has beckoned and found an equally old soul,to not only appreciates the building’s historic beauty, but able to create inner beauty of her own: BRAVO Morgen!



  2. Elle is not the only one with creativity coursing through her veins. I love every part of this build — the partial façade, the historic building, the light-filled studio and even the bright floral paintings! It’s a winner for sure!

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  3. Breathtakingly beautiful and an astonishingly clever revamp of the kit. Well done Morgan the result of your creative work is so inspiring and so ‘out of the box’.
    I love the framed, partial facade, the decor of the studio – clean and crisp with a warm feeling of age. The cheerful artworks in various stages of completion is carried out beautifully.
    This is still my favorite of those I have been following. Best of luck!
    Anna x

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