The Details: The Front

Welcome to my little studio. I wanted it to be set in Paris in the early 1900s, but then after looking at photos of studios it hit me. Studios are timeless.


The architecture of the facade was designed to mimic the facade of the Serendipity Shed. I kept the design of the windows and doors, just elongated them to create a taller ceiling. The front step became the balcony.


My idea was to capture a small part of a much bigger whole. The front wall of the studio is removable. The balcony is also removable to make it easier to open the front. The balcony is held in place with magnets. The wall is snug, so it doesn’t need anything to hold it in place.


The plants on the balcony were made mostly from kits I had picked up at Earth and Tree Miniatures. The. railing was made using my Cricut, black card stock, and a tiny touch of orange paint.



I shared how I made the geraniums here.



The upstairs neighbor’s cat is ever watchful. He looks a lot like my cat Skippy.


Except my Skippy has a milk mustache.


I’ll be back soon with more details from the inside.

Other sources: The bricks are made from 2 different thicknesses of cork I found at Michaels. Crafts. The doors and windows are made from mat board and plexiglass. The frames of the windows and doors are made from bass wood. The frame on the outside was made from wood molding I picked up at Home Depot and then painted gold. The door leavers are from


3 thoughts on “The Details: The Front

    • It is so hard picking the 4 pictures. I love the detail shots, they show the soul of the build. However, don’t give enough info to those judging. I’ll be posting more detail shots over the next couple of days.

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  1. I love the fine details you’ve pointed out and think that your choice of a simple balcony railing, and vibrant red flowers makes a bright and sophisticated contrast to the elegant stonework on the facade. The removable portion is a seamless fit and I think that you are a genius in all of what you’ve done.

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