The Details: The Easel Area


Inside the studio is where the fun happens. The floors are made from strips of walnut laid in a herringbone pattern. I show part of the process here. The rug is from and aged using this process.


The easel was made by me from pieces of walnut. It’s adjustable and can hold large and small canvases. I’d like to make another one in the future, since there are a few things I would do differently. The tiny casters on the bottom and the small side table are from The hardest part of making the easel was adding the paint drops. I was so worried about messing it up.


The small side table was aged and paint was added to make it look well loved. The paint rags on the table and easel are just pieces of cloth that were painted with watercolor paint. I used vast amounts of spray starch and a lot of patience to get the fabric to hang the way I wanted.


The pallet is bass wood cut to shape. The bowl was at one point a miniature sauce pan. I removed the handle, painted it with a few coats of white gel nail polish, and then added some paint to make it looked used. The tubes of paint are pieces of toothpick wrapped with aluminum tape and then shaped using tweezers. The labels are pieces of paper cut to size and glued on. The paint brushes were all made from pieces of dowel, aluminum tape, and. the bristles of old full scale paintbrushes.


The canvases are wooden frames, that I cut with my Cricut, with white cotton fabric stretched over them. They were made in 2 different sizes. The smaller canvases that are hanging on the walls are pieces of wood.


I got the plant stand at Earth and Tree Miniatures. It was unfinished and I painted it to match the walnut color of the easel. The lace table cloth is a corner of an antique hankie.


The poppies and cosmos were made using kits from Georgie Steeds, The Miniature Garden on Etsy. The leaves are from plastic aquarium plants, and the purple flowers were from silk flowers I found at a thrift store. The vase is a plastic container from the miniatures section at Michaels. I used white gel nail polish to make it look a little bit more like pottery.


I originally thought I would be able to share all of the inside details in one post. Then I realized the post was getting really long. So, next time I’ll share the other side of the room.


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