The Details: The Desk


The desk on this side of the room was found at a thrift store many years ago. I repainted it and aged it a while ago. I thought the color would be a nice change from all the wood in the studio. The trash can is the top to one of my paint bottles. I gave it a quick coat of paint to make it look a little bit more like a trashcan. The basket is from


The teapot was a plastic Item I found at Michaels. I painted it with silver nail polish and then added a little black paint to make it look a little tarnished. All of the drawings and paintings were done by me. It was really fun working such a tiny scale. The pencils are tiny dowels that were sanded thin and painted to look like pencils. The flowers are made from more kits from The Miniature Garden on Etsy and the leaves are from plastic aquarium plants.


The chair was picked up at Earth and Tree Miniatures, but it is a Chrysnbon kit. When I got it it was already put together. I didn’t like the flatness of the faux wood, so I dry brushed layers of brown paint to bring out the grain of the wood imprints. The crock on the floor was made from a plastic canister I had gotten from . I used superglue and baking soda to give it a rustic texture. A little sanding and a little paint and it was ready to go.


The bowl and cup were also picked up at Earth and Tree. The tin can was made with a small cup, painted silver with nail polish, and then added a label I found on google and printed out. The paint brushes are made with dowel, aluminum tape, and paintbrush bristles. The water in the bowl and cup is a triple thick varnish that people use for table and bar tops. I might have to finally break down and pick up some resin. I’m kind of liking adding water to things. The paint tubes are pieces of toothpick covered in aluminum tape. The newspaper image was found using google. I resized it using my word program and then printed it out on old typewriter paper.


The texture on the wall was created with tissue paper and watered down glue. It was the best way to cover the seam between the kit wall, the extra wood I added, and the windows I blocked off. You can see the walls before here. There was a lot of sanding, painting, more sanding, aging, repainting because I didn’t like the color, sanding, and then the final aging. I was hoping for a plaster like feel. The base board was picked up at Earth and Tree Miniatures.


All of my dollhouses have 3 things: a butterfly, a bumble bee, and a tiki head. If you look carefully in the picture above you can see the butterfly and bumble bee in one of the drawing on the wall. The tiki will be seen in pictures from the table area. Hopefully I will be able to post those details tomorrow.

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