The Back of the Shop

back 1a

In the back the florists are hard at work, getting ready for upcoming events.

Finished arrangements boxed up and ready to be delivered and unfinished arrangements being finished up on the table.  The boxes were made using a cardboard box. The ladder is from Shepherd Miniatures.  The work mat is a place mat cut to size and painted.

table detail 5

The table is made out of bass wood, pieces of mechanical pencils, and some tiny casters.  I used metallic spray paint with the hammered texture to paint it.


sink 4a

The sink was made with the same materials as the table. The faucet is made from the casing of a usb cable, wire, a spring from inside a pen, and the tip of a mechanical pencil. They were painted with silver nail polish and aged with black paint. The large buckets are medicine dosing cups painted and aged.  The walls inside were coated with stucco and then sanded a bit when it was dry.

The broom, bleach, spray paint, and dish soap were purchased from Shepherd Miniatures. The mop was made using thick embroidery thread, a bamboo skewer, and some wire.  There are 2 metal watering cans that were a gift from my mom. The towel was a piece of fabric glued to aluminum foil, so that I could get it to drape the way I wanted.

shelves 3a

The chalkboard helps organize all upcoming events.  The clipboards were made with thin bass wood, wire, and small pieces of silver paper. They are holding future orders, proposals for weddings, and messages.  I shrunk down the forms and documents using a tutorial from Otterine’s Miniatures.

shelves 2

The shelves under the chalkboard are a little wonky. They were a last minute solution to a problem I was struggling with.  They are built using bass wood and dowels.  The items on the shelves are from all over.  The candelabra, brass bowls, terracotta pots, basktes, white bowls, and blue box are from thrift stores. The blue box is actually a pill box that I cut apart and  sanded. The books were also from thrift shops, but I changed the covers to be floral design themed. The clear compote bowls and little clear bowls were purchased on eBay. Three of the colored vases are actually beads I had bought about 7 years ago on a trip to Zion National Park. The glass jars, vases, and wood disc are from Michaels Crafts. The candles are all made from mechanical pencil parts. The big yellow vase on the floor was one I’ve had for years.

I know I’m forgetting something.  It was so much fun learning new techniques and pushing myself to do new things.  I’ll get back on track soon with more updates on the travel trailer and plans for the HBS Creatin Contest 2016.

The Sides

I imagined the right side of the building was next to an abandoned lot.  There is a ladder to get to the roof, rocks and over grown plants, and a local artist’s street art.

bee side 1a


The vine was made from a small grapevine wreath that was soaked in water and straightened out.  The leaves were punched from paper and painted. The flowers were bought at a thrift store.  I used heat to make some of them curl in on themselves, to look more like buds.  I then painted them.

door side 1a

The left side of the building is the alley, where the deliveries are made.

door side 4

All the bricks on the building are cut from thin cork that I found in the scrapbooking area of the craft store.  The mortar is stucco thinned down with water.  The faucet is from Braxton Payne.  The electric meter is made out of an eraser, pieces of a mechanical pencil, a cap for a spray bottle, and a print out of a electric meter face.  It was painted with metallic spray paint.

door side 5

The warehouse door is made out of bass wood, card stock, the heads of tiny brads from the scrapbooking department, a few pieces of broken jewelry, hinges and lots of paint.

roof 2

Corrugated scrapbooking paper was used to cover the roof. I wanted a rustic, warehouse feel, so the skylights were added to help create that. I had accidentally bought non glare plexiglass when I was putting in the windows on the front of the building.  Did you know that non-glare plexi is not clear, but almost frosted looking? Neither did I.  Turns out it worked great for the skylights.  The lead on the skylights was created using Plaid Redi-Lead Strips.

I had to create a small access panel for the battery and switch for the lights.  I need to learn how to plan my lighting and wiring better.  I made a huge mess trying to install it after everything was finished.

Up next is where the magic happens, the back of the shop.


The Front

Click on any of the pictures to see them larger.

The front of the flower shop was designed to look like European flower shops. I wanted a bright open store front with lots of plants and flowers.

All of the flowers were made from flower kits or made by me.  I really liked using the flower kits from Mary Kinloch and The Miniature Garden.  The pictures on the walls are pictures of flowers that I have designed.

front detail 2front detail 13a

The plants (not orchids, those were made using a Mary Kinloch kit) were either bought or made.  I had found an aquarium plant at a thrift store for $.50.  The tera cotta pots were both bought online and found at thrift stores. The furniture in the front of the shop was also bought at thrift stores.  I painted it, aged it, waxed it to make it more uniform.

I made the vintage sap buckets from card stock. The votive candles were made out of pieces of mechanical pencils, a little air dry clay, and thin wire painted black. The door handles was made with a bamboo skewer, silver crimper beads, and silver nail polish.

The urn was a shiny gold party favor I picked up at The Dollar Tree. I printed the wallpaper. The little white bird is a miniature I’ve had since I was a kid.

The white vase is actually a bead that I picked up at, you guessed it, a thrift store.  I made all of the ribbon spools, the rolls of cellophane and butchers paper, and the wood rack that’s holding all of it.

It’s so hard capturing all of the details and having them translate well into pictures. I’ll post pictures of the sides of the shop next.


What a Surprise

I know I had mentioned showing you the furniture that I made for the travel trailer.  I’ve decided that I’m going to remake one, if not both pieces.  I haven’t been happy with how the stain turned out.  I’ll remake them and document the process, just incase anyone else wants to make some mid century inspired furniture.

The main reason I’m posting today is that I received a huge surprise this week.  Last year, after starting my travel trailer, I was shopping on and noticed that they host a miniature contest. When I saw the kit for the contest I knew immediately what I would turn it into, my dream flower shop (I was an event florist in a former life and still design flowers occasionally).


I hinted about it to my husband, who is a very good listener.  I ended up getting the kit for my birthday in June from my mom (I wonder how she knew what to get me).  I worked on it for hours, weeks, months, until I hit a creative block in September.  There was a problem/hurdle that I wasn’t able to figure out how to handle. At the beginning of November I realized that the due date of December 16th was getting uncomfortably close and I still had a lot to do.  Well, with a lot of hard work I got my entry in a whole day early.

I had to send in 4 pictures that captured my little flower shop.  That might have been harder than building it. These were the ones I chose:

picture 1a

I named my flower shop Butterfly Flowers.

picture 4

picture 2

picture 3

I agonized about which pictures to choose.  I second guess everything I do. After waiting 6 or so weeks, I found out this week that I won a First Time Entry Prize! So exciting! Such an honor! Check out the other First Time winners here. There are some amazingly talented people out there in the mini world. That just means that I have to work extra hard when I work on my build for 2016.

I’ll post more detail shots of the flower shop in other posts.  I ended up taking over 140 pictures, but managed to narrow it down to about 40.