Little Things

IMG_0307 (1)

First up, I made tiny postcards.  I found retro postcard images online.  I resized them using photoshop and print them out on card stock. I used packing tape to coat the image and give it a nice shiny finish, then cut them out. Almost all of the locations are places I have been or ones that have a special meaning to me.  I left the backs plain since they won’t be seen.

IMG_0312 (1)

My little world traveler needed some books to read. I had bought some pre-made miniature books at Joanne Fabrics.  The book covers were made kind of like how I made the post cards.


I found book covers I liked and used photoshop to make them the right size, and then printed them on regular printer paper.  I also had to create the back cover and spine so the books looked more like books. I covered them in packing tape to make them shiny and cut them out.  I glued them on using a glue stick and let them dry under a heavy book.


The plants are cut from a floral spray I found at a craft store. The pots are wood pots that I painted.  I glued the leaves into the pots, added a little paint for shading, and called them done.  The purple flowers were from the flower spray, just cut down to size.  I will probably go back and add some “dirt” around the base of the leaves. They are living in my other dollhouse project right now, so I may even just make new ones.  Who knows.


My last mini project is this little sleeping bag. Sometimes my little traveler likes to go hiking and camping. The sleeping bag is functional.  I used nylon fabric for the outside and an old necktie for the inside. The black stitching down the side is to mimic the look of a zipper. It’s all rolled up and ready to head out on its next camping adventure.

Next up will be some of the furniture I’ve made for the trailer so far.


Floors and Walls

The trailers owner is an artist who loves to travel. She collects things that remind her of her travels. She wouldn’t be content having a run of the mill interior. She would have revamped it to make it her own.

I knew I wanted wood paneling, a checkerboard floor, and some fun retro inspired wallpaper.


The floors are made with cork I had gotten in the scrapbook paper aisle. I painted one side with whites and greys.  I left the other side natural (some paint bled through, but I liked the look).  I cut it into 1″ squares and started laying out my pattern.  I ended up making a subfloor out of foam core.  I glued all the floor pieces to the subfloor and let it dry under some heavy books.  No one wants a warped floor.IMG_4737 (1)

The wallpaper I chose felt retro and organic.  I created it by using photoshop and trying to piece together the repeats.  It’s not perfect, but it won’t be horribly noticeable. I printed it onto cardstock and glued it in. The bedroom area and the living room area both have the same wallpaper.

IMG_4784 (2)

The paneling was a bit harder.  I couldn’t find craft sticks long enough to fit the area I wanted paneled and I hadn’t even considered using bass wood and custom cutting it.  I ended up finding some very thin wood sheets with adhesive on the backs of them.  I stuck skinny sticks to the backs, cut them apart using a box cutter, and let them sit under a heavy book to make sure the wood adhered to the, well, wood. I sanded the edges slightly, wiped on a thin clear coat of poly, and glued them in place.  The thin wood sheet was longer than the skinny stick which made it easy to trim down to size.

IMG_4786 (2)

This picture was taken before I glued down the floor.  I get so excited sometimes I can’t wait for the next step before I take a picture. After the walls were done, I glued in the floor. I used small weights to hold the floor down to keep it from warping.

Next up will be some projects I worked on while I waited for glue and paint to dry.

The Journey Begins

After much research I had decided that the dollhouse I wanted, if I ever broke down and actually got one, would be the travel trailer by Corona.  32c07d5d7e84636c00da41cc2b2a6a82

It had the possibility for mid century styling and was a nice beginner size.  I had mentioned it to my husband one night before bed, but then let it go as a project for another day.  He’s really good at listening and got it for me for Mother’s Day.


I started it right away.  Trying to be careful.  I learned quickly that even with my best intentions, I’m really good at screwing things up.  I glued pieces wrong, chipped the wood while trying to sand it, and kept misplacing the pieces I needed.


I eventually got the basics worked out.  I was certain it was going to fall apart, but I guess with enough wood glue, anything will stay together.


Here it is, with a curious kitty, all glued together and ready for the fun part.


After a coat of primer.


I used corrugated scrapbooking paper as the siding.  I needed about 4 sheets.  I tried to be careful when joining pieces together.  I wanted it to look as seamless as possible, but I still have a lot to learn.  After the siding was on all 4 sides I painted it with white interior house paint.  IMG_0300

The bottom 1/2 of the siding got a few coats of aqua.  I ended up painting a yellow stripe just above the aqua as an accent.IMG_4803 (2).jpg

Sorry the pictures are so bad.  I was just using my phone to document my progress.  I’m learning using the right tool for the job is even important when taking pictures.

So I’ll stop there.  The floor, wallpaper, and wood paneling will be next.